Dashlane Review: Easy To Use but Should You?

Making the internet more accessible, as their slogan suggests, Dashlane is another really popular password management software option. It is another option with a tiered subscription platform, starting with a feature-filled free version and a premium version that includes a VPN. The only drawback is sadly, it’s not truly  cross-platform. 

As any other password manager software, Dashlane can be used to automatically fill in username and passwords… but actually it is much more feature packed than that. When u sed n combination with a browser add-on, the Dashlane application can be used to automatically fill in all kinds of information online. 
Dashlane can fill out forms, generate passwords, determine the strength of individual passwords, securely store private notes and financial information, and also search for weak, reused or compromised passwords. There is even the option to quickly and easily change passwords that are deemed too weak or have been found to be involved in a data breach. 


As with most password managers, automatic form filling is a starting point for convenience. Drawing from your encrypted personal Digital Wallet where you can store all manner of sensitive information, passwords and other log-in details, credit card numbers, document ID numbers and other information can be auto-filled so no more tedious typing.  

Dashlane will also generate strong passwords for you and automatically save them into your profile information. 

Better still, Dashlane works seamlessly across all devices, which are macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android compatible. Passwords are synced so you can find them anywhere, anytime.  


Since potential hacks of personal data are the new normal for anyone living a digital life as most of us are, Dashlane actively monitors the Dark Web for security breaches or hacks, which could affect the security of their user’s data. In the case of a breach, users are informed and directed on how to take action.   

Dashlane also has a clear policy around the storing and selling of user data. First of all, they strictly do not have access to any of the information in your Digital Wallet, nor do they mine user’s data for financial gain.  

A multi-factor authentication is also an option available to users. 

Lastly, Dashlanes user-interface is also simply stunning and easy to use. Their video graphs are informative and pleasant to look at, adding a nice touch to the overall experience. There is a customer support bot available 24/7, as well as a plethora of resources assisting users with all manner of questions or concerns. 

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